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Fists in Solidarity


From Humble Beginnings to Global Excellence: The Collab BPO Journey

Our story is one of passion, determination, and unwavering trust. It all began in the coziest corner of a rooftop, where the seed of Collab BPO was sown. With nothing but a vision and an unshakeable belief, a journey from the very ground up commenced.


The early days saw tireless work from the guest room, fueled by an undying commitment to create something extraordinary. In this humble setting, the foundation of Collab BPO was laid, and the first chapter was written. But a story is incomplete without characters who believe in the narrative, and that's where the first employees stepped in – three individuals who shared the vision and trusted in the dream. Together, they transformed that rooftop corner into a space of innovation and collaboration.

From these modest origins, growth became an unstoppable force. Project by project, challenge by challenge, Collab BPO's reputation spread across borders. The commitment to excellence resonated with clients in the USA and Canada, earning the privilege of partnering with them to provide top-notch services. As the virtual miles expanded, so did the horizons.

Today, Collab BPO stands tall in its head office in USA and offshore facility in Pakistan, a testament to the power of dreams nurtured by hard work. The in-house team, armed with expertise and creativity, continues to weave digital magic, turning visions into reality. But it doesn't stop there – Collab BPO's family extends far beyond office walls. With remote team members seamlessly contributing their skills, and call centers placing their trust, the Collab BPO family is a global network united by shared goals.

The journey, though marked by milestones and growth, remains rooted in the values that propelled Collab BPO from that rooftop corner. Passion, dedication, and trust are the threads that weave the fabric of the success story. As we look back on where it all began, we are humbled and inspired to continue reaching new heights. The commitment to delivering exceptional chat support, virtual assistant services, and web development remains unwavering, fueled by the memory of the journey and the promise of an even brighter future.

Join Collab BPO as the embrace of each new chapter unfolds, confident that the story is a narrative of turning dreams into realities, one rooftop step at a time. 


To become the preferred choice for outsourcing by providing unsurpassed quality, exemplary services and affordable prices leading to complete customer satisfaction and value to their shareholders.


  • To be every client trusted outsourcing partner on a long-term basis.

  • To help contain and reduce operating cost of every client.

  • To help clients retain existing customers and gain new ones.

  • To provide clients with the latest in technology and business processes.

  • To add value in every transaction we have with our clients. 

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